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  • Glycerin Soap

    100 Disease Protection* with Gentle Mositurizing

    Crafted carefully with abundant Natural Origin Glycerin - Savlon Glycerin soap gives you soft, moisturized skin alongwith Savlon's trusted germ protection. The refreshing citrusy fragrance and the soft skin feel ensure that have an enjoyable bathing experience. Savlon soaps continues to hold its vibrant color from first day to last day. Savlon is a brand trusted by doctors to provide high quality hygiene products like handwashes, surface disinfectant spray among others.

    • 99.9% Germ protection (Basis lab study on sample microbes. Washes away germs.)
    • Gives protection from Adenovirus (Basis lab study on sample microbes. Washes away germs.)
    • Infused with soft skin and abundant natural origin glycerin to give soft & moisturized skin
    • Glycerin is known to be a high-quality humectant which moisturizes skin
    • Glycerin ki softness, Savlon ki suraksha
    • Refreshing citrusy fragrance
    • Bright soap color from first day to the last, translucent soap
    • Made with 90% Natural origin content (Basis applicable standards)
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Soap wrapper pet film contains 70% recycled plastic
    Available in -
    • 125g
    • 75g
    • 40g

    Single & Banded packs

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    • *Protects from spread of germs which are known to cause 100 diseases
    • **Based on anti-microbial action on S.aureus and E.coli in in-vitro conditions