Savlon Mask

  • *Particle aerosols >=0.3 microns
  • ^ Advanced in comparison to ordinary masks.

Designed to provide 95% protection from particle aerosols
of > -0.3-micron in size including bio-aerosols of virus, pollen and dust with its advanced^ 5 layered construct that has electrostatically charged melt-blown filtration system. This Mask is a Bureau of Indian Standards certified FFP2 S mask, considered comparable to an N95 mask.


  • 95% Filtration: Filters out 95% of particle aerosols that are > -0.3 micron in size (including bio-aerosols of virus, bacteria dust, pollen and allergy causing particles).

  • 95% Filtration: Savlon Masks comprise of the following 5 layers which helps provide 95% protection to the wearer against particle aerosols that are > -0.3 micron in size:

    5-Layer Protection: Comprises of a outermost spun-bound layer, innermost spun-bond layer and electrostatically charged melt-blown layers in between the outermost spun-bond layer and innermost spun-bond layer

    Electrostatically Charged: The electrostatic charging of the filters enhances the ability of the filtration fibers to attract and retain particles.

  • Certified by BIS: FFP2 classification is the Indian Standard which follows the European Standard (EN-149:1991). The filtration efficacy of the FFP2 masks are considered comparable to that of NIOSH validated N95 respirators

Available Packs

Pack of 1

Pack of 4

Pack of 12


Step 1 : Holding the mask by the ear loops, place the mask on face, covering your nose and chin, with nose clip facing up and outside

Step 2 : Pull ear-loops around each ear till mask feels comfortable on your face

Step 3 : With your fingertips at the top of the nose clip, press by sliding down along the shape of your nose bridge.

To use the head-band converter strip, follow the steps below

Step 4 : Hold mask by the ear loops, place a loop on one side of the clamp provided

Step 5 : Place the loop holder at the back of the head and wear the mask on your face

Step 6 : From the other end now mount the loop to the other side of the band that is behind your head

Antiseptic Liquid

Protection against 99.99% germs *

Doctors most trusted^

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^Based on market research conducted on Savlon Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid among healthcare practitioners by IQVIA in October 2018. ^Based on anti-microbial action on S.aureus and E.coli in in-vitro conditions